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Jan 8 2018
Weather Source Expands and Extends its OnPoint® Weather Forecast Data with the addition of WeatherBell Analytics Long-Range Forecast Data

Weather Source integrates WeatherBell Analytics’ medium and long-range value-added forecast weather data into OnPoint Weather

SALEM, N.H. (PRWEB) - JANUARY 08, 2018

Weather Source, the leading provider of past, present and forecast global weather data has now integrated WeatherBell Analytics’ industry leading medium and long-range value-added forecast weather data to its OnPoint Weather data suite.

The WeatherBell Analytics long-range forecast data provides another key dataset to Weather Source’s suite of weather-related business intelligence products.

WeatherBell Analytics leverages a variety of data sources and techniques to create value-added weather data for customers, including global weather models, historical weather data and model bias corrections. The end result is a comprehensive and accurate long-range forecast.

WeatherBell’s data will now be available via Weather Source’s OnPoint API that allows users the ability to query weather data for any location on any landmass in world and up to 200 miles offshore using any Lat / Lon point or geographic areas such as ZIP or postal codes.

“Weather Source is very excited about the addition of WeatherBell Analytics long-range forecast data as we continue to strive to provide the most comprehensive and accurate dataset in the industry. The addition of WeatherBell’s long-range forecast will allow Weather Source to provide a continuum of statistically consistent data from the year 2000 to present and with a forward forecast view of 45 days” stated Mark Gibbas, President and CEO of Weather Source.

“Weather Source has long been a trusted provider of the highest quality weather data for business intelligence. We are excited to be adding WeatherBell’s forecast data to create a well-rounded weather data dataset accessible via the OnPoint API that will serve the complete weather data needs of our combined present and future business clients” said WeatherBell Analytics COO, Mike Shanahan.

OnPoint Weather is available for a wide range of business needs and is fully integrated with major business intelligence platforms, including Google Cloud Platform and Domo.

About Weather Source

Since 2004, Weather Source has been providing comprehensive and accurate past, present and forecast global weather data. Drawing on cutting-edge science, data analytics and meteorological expertise, Weather Source’s data enables companies to reduce waste, increase return on investment, fine-tune logistics, optimize marketing strategy, and improve resource planning.

About WeatherBell Analytics

WeatherBell Analytics provides precision weather forecasting, data services and decision support for a variety of industries. The combination of the company’s deep expertise in forecasting methodology and meteorological data provides clients with reliable and relevant weather information, critical for making business decisions with confidence.

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