About WeatherBELL Analytics 5 years ago

WeatherBELL Analytics LLC is a meteorological consulting firm that provides customized weather forecasts, data services, and weather intelligence tools to entities exposed to the weather. Our forecasting team is led by two meteorologists, Joe Bastardi and Joe D'Aleo, both of whom are widely acknowledged for their skill in short, medium, and long term weather forecasting. Their proprietary techniques and combined experience of more than 80 years provide a distinct competitive advantage to WeatherBELL Analytics' clients.

The United States Department of Commerce estimates that nearly one-third of US economic activity ($3.8 trillion) is affected by weather. WeatherBELL Analytics identifies opportunities where our forecasts diverge from standard market forecasts. We help our clients identify the geographic region affected; the elasticity of markets given the magnitude of the weather event, the supply/demand characteristics of the influenced market and the impact the weather will have on prices given certain seasonal factors. The following industries can benefit enormously from accurate forecasts.

Energy - Weather Forecasting

Weather is a principal driving factor of energy supply and demand, and consequently, energy prices. Cold temperatures lead to increased energy usage for the purpose of heating homes during the winter season just as hot temperatures in the summer season lead to increased energy usage for cooling. WeatherBELL Analytics data solutions allow for the quantitative analysis of temperature schemes, which assists energy companies and traders in hedging prices and making intelligent decisions with respect to the energy markets.

WeatherBELL Analytics tropical cyclone expert, Joe Bastardi, is renowned for his ability to predict tropical cyclone formation and track well ahead of the market. Due to the impact of tropical cyclones on energy supply, this information is critical for energy companies.

Agriculture - Weather Forecasting

The Agriculture industry is heavily influenced by climate and weather. WeatherBELL Analytics forecasting team identifies different geographic regions at different times of the year where weather plays a significant role in commodity prices. Grains, soft commodities, and livestock productions are directly subject to changes in seasonal weather patterns and extreme events. Subsequent yields in crops and livestock are directly responsible for the prices of agricultural commodities and the overall financial success of farmers and agricultural companies and traders.

WeatherBELL Analytics provides companies and investors in the industry with unparalleled visualization of both historical and forecast weather data in addition to unmatched expertise in short and long-term forecasting specific to agriculture. Having accurate and relevant weather forecasts enables agriculture clients to anticipate changes in market pricing, and helps clients to minimize product loss in instances of severe weather, such as flood or drought.