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Joe Bastardi
WeatherBELL Premium is a subscription service for weather hobbyists and individuals with an interest in long range weather forecasting. Subscription to WeatherBELL Premium includes access to the written and video blogs of Joe Bastardi and Joe D'Aleo, as well as select weather forecasting models.

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Commercial Weather - Oil Rig
WeatherBELL Commercial provides weather forecasting specifically tailored to meet the needs of customers in the Agriculture, Energy, Hedge Fund and Retail industries. For more information and pricing packages on these services, please contact one of our Account Executives.

Industry Specific Weather Reports

2016 Hurricane Forecast

Joe Bastardi's Saturday Summary (8/20)

Daily Update (8/24)

Why WeatherBELL Analytics?

Joe Bastardi and the WeatherBELL team warned us about Hurricane Sandy nine days before landfall. They provided unwavering forecasts for a landfalling hurricane around NYC, and we were the first to know that this unprecedented event would occur.

Sean Hannity, Fox News